Collision Course: 4Fs to Transform Life's Challenges into Powerful Breakthroughs

A Written Testimony to Inspire Others by

Phil Terrill

Available: Paperback and E-book

My Story

Growing up in the city of Minneapolis, I never really imagined I would be sharing such a story with the world and help those who need most including models on JessaminLive. My upbringing was all about the pursuit of academic or athletic excellence. While I hit some of those targets, my life took a different direction after my college years at Tuskegee. I started in Corporate America, Entrepreneurship, and the journey to discover myself. Along the way, I did not realize that God had a very unique plan for my existence and his work would happen at an unexpected time after a life altering decision. Collision Course drives full speed into the journey of how I turned my life’s most challenging time into a massive, powerful breakthrough. Hope it helps you through yours!

With hope,