The book “Collision Course: 4Fs to Transform Life’s Challenges into Powerful Breakthroughs” chronicles the journey from totaling my car in 2014 to traveling the world to pursuing my dreams in technology. The book is rooted in a 4F Model that I created to compartmentalize, process, and push through challenges I have encountered along the way to achieve my goals. Collision Course is really a testimony that even after making a terrible choice you can change and evolve into someone better able to serve the world. My vision is to raise awareness by helping others prevent drunk driving and/or see that there is a way to overcome through any challenge.


Millennials, whether entrepreneurs or young professionals, are constantly looking for fresh strategies and ways to stay “locked in” in a challenging world. Often times, we are highly focused on avoiding making mistakes that when we do perseverance becomes a challenge. This book provides a transparent perspective into how I overcame a life challenge and transformed it into a powerful breakthrough.

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